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Our Mission

Promote positive entrepreneurial culture through creative media.

What is Rhyme Combinator?

We began as a group of friends who loved to freestyle rap and laugh at the beauty and absurdity of Silicon Valley. We started writing songs, and gradually realized that our songs were the foundation of a theatrical show. We began building a network of other creators and innovators across the worlds of art, music, and entrepreneurship. Zipsloth the Musical is our first collaborative effort, and we intend to continue growing the Rhyme Combinator network and bringing many more projects to life.

Zipsloth The Musical

What would happen if the stories of HBO's Silicon Valley collided with the hip-hop inspired live stage production of Hamilton? In September of 2016, we unveiled the first private preview of our new musical production to a packed house and an awesome response.  Now, we're thrilled to announce the 2017 public premiere of "Startup from the Bottom: Zipsloth the Musical" - which charts the journey of two would be Silicon Valley upstarts as they struggle to find success building their company, Zipsloth.  To bring the show to the public, we successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, and we will be announcing details about the premiere soon.